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Mail Merge, CRM, Intranet, DocRead - policy management software for SharePoint

Try mail merge today, simply create a new item including your email address to receive a sample merged document attached to an email.



Merge your SharePoint Contact list data into Word templates

Optionally attach to email or print from document library

Merge data into body text of email to create personalised mail

Alternatively send PDF’s as attachments to personalised email

2007 & 2010 versions available.



Free 15 day trial available to evaluate Mail Merge web part on your own SharePoint server, simply contact us today to arrange your free trial.



"We were looking for a web part that would let us mail-merge from SharePoint 2010 and with LinkConcept's LinkWebParts, we found it and much, much more.

We also found developers who knew their product inside and out; developers who were friendly, helpful and persistent; a company that didn't stop until any problem was solved - no matter how small. This is one web part I have had no qualms about purchasing" John Clayton of NAFC - University of the Highlands & Islands

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Merge contact data into Word templates, attach to email and send it from SharePoint!

Try Mail Merge & attach, create merged documents or pdf's that are automatically attached to emails and sent from SharePoint! You can even merge your contacts data into the body of the email, personalised emails created and sent from SharePoint - totally unique!

Mail Merge & print for a more conventional mail merge campaign, merge list data into Word templates and save to a SharePoint document library for printing, we've got that too!

If you want to create a merged Word document for printing, please sign in: username linkguest & password guestguest

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SharePoint 2010
SharePoint 2010 mail merge now available
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